Aviation and cosmonautics, space technology

  • Air Fleet. Aerospace Technologies Review (English)
    $ 415,7
    The only Russian publication about aerospace and aviation weapons systems oriented exclusively at foreign audience. Russian Air Force, aircraft & space review. The main topics: the most important innovations of the Russian aviation and space industry; lea
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  • Aviakollektsiia (supplement to the "Modelist-konstruktor" magazine)
    $ 111,6
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  • Aviaprom, avtoprom v RF i za rubezhom (online)(daily news + archive for 15 years at Polpred.com Mass Media Review)
    $ NaN
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  • Aviasoiuz
    $ 95,2
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  • Aviatransportnoe obozrenie
    $ 82,8
    Journal on air transport, on modern civil aviation. Published in cooperation with the 'Aviation Week and Space Technology' journal
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  • Aviatsiia i kosmonavtika. Vtchera, segodnia, zavtra
    $ 90,8
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  • Aviatsiia i vremia
    $ 120,9
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  • Grazhdanskaia aviatsiia
    $ 79,3
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  • Kosmonavtika i raketostroenie
    $ 612,8
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