Catalogue of periodicals and books of Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic region countries

  • OK! (Russian)
    20 103,53 руб
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  • Oops! (Russian)
    4 735,5 руб
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  • Parents - Stchastlivye roditeli (Russian)
    6 701,18 руб
    Colourful magazine: practical advices for parents with a child of the age up to 5 years and for women expecting a baby; home upbringing, gymnastics, midwifery, child care, medical and psychologists's advices; home aesthetics, fashion, cookery
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  • PR i reklama. Praktitcheskie aspekty
    61 293,41 руб
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  • PROfashion top (Russian)
    16 886,96 руб
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  • Psychologies (Russian)
    7 952,06 руб
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  • Publish (Russian)
    10 721,88 руб
    Russian edition of the American journal on modern publishing technologies
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  • Robb Report Rossiia (Russian)
    26 536,65 руб
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  • Russian Enthomological Journal (English and Russian)
    5 897,03 руб
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