Catalogue of periodicals and books of Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic region countries

  • Dostoevskij i mirovaja kultura
    5 779,71 руб
    Philological journal
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  • 60 let - ne vozrast (supplement to the"Bud zdorov!" magazine)
    3 434,32 руб
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  • Acarina (English)
    2 847,97 руб
    Russian Journal of Acarology devoted to problems of general, medical and veterinary acarology, systematics, zoogeography, ecology and biology of Acaridae
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  • AD / Architectural Digest (Arkhitekturnyj dajdzhest) (Russian)
    10 051,67 руб
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  • Air Fleet. Aerospace Technologies Review (English)
    42 384,53 руб
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  • Alma mater (Vestnik vysshej shkoly)(Russian)
    15 161,27 руб
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  • Arthropoda Selecta (English)
    6 282,29 руб
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  • Broadcasting. Televidenie i radioveshchanie
    12 732,11 руб
    Events, new technologies, equipment; application, management, investments
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  • Burda (Russian)
    7 622,51 руб
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